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Collectible Metal Decor Replicas

Decorative Gifts - Table Accents



Looking for something a little different for your room decor? If you are fascinated with antique cars, airplanes, trains and motorcycles then these collectible metal replicas should get your attention. They are interesting pieces to look at.

Of course some of your vistors may think they are toys. But these collectible replicas are not toys. Imagine them as metal decor of a different sort. Unique items representing vehicles and airplanes from past times.

Unusual sculptural accents that will liven up a room for years to come. Nowdays just about anything can pass for room decor. Collectible memorabilia is no exception. Why not metal replicas? These items are cute and make very good conversation pieces.

Which is also true of all our metal wall art sculptures. Decorative and contemporary metal art will always interest your vistors and family. Room accents in metal hanging on the wall or placed on tables, stands or book cases thoughout your home is a perfect way to keep up with this modern trend.

Maybe not everyone will have a special interest in collectible metal decor replicas, but I assure you that nearly everybody will at least notice these unique gems.

And consider them as a special gift idea for any occasion such as birthdays and Christmas. These decorative gifts will be appreciated by everyone.


Metal Replica Art


The collectible replicas displayed on this page are all made by hand. They are soldered and hand painted using various metal such as tin, etc., and meticulously sculptured to ensure that they are a resonable facsimile of the original vehicle or plane. And remember these decors are not toys.

Of course since this metal home decor is made by hand, their exactness to the actual model is less than 100%. This means that their quality is based on original art and not on the precision of machinery. Sometimes observing them at a slight distance is your best enjoyment of these collectibles. Or put them in a replica art case with special lighting.


Featured Collectible Metal Decor Replicas


Green Motorcycle with Side Car - This one looks like an army cycle. Imagine a Corporal driving the General. It brings to mind images of a French hill side country road during World War 11. Watch out! The enemy could be just over that hill.

Motorcycle with Side Car 14"x 8"x 7" $169.00


GMC Yellow 1954 Pick Up Truck - In those days a truck was just a truck. Not some fancy sports utility vehicle. Need any eggs today ma'am?

GMC 1954 Pickup Truck12" x 5" x 5" - $169.00

Out Of Stock


1963 Split Window Corvette - Wow that's a real classic! Corvett's eleventh year. Ah, those were the days when every car was destinctive. And very recognizable. Owning or even just looking at this great automobile seemed to take your cares away. Maybe just staring at this metal decor replica will do the same! Now that's collectible.

1963 Split Window Corvette 14" x 5" x 5" - $169.00


Black Train - Back to the days of yester year. Old trains are truly fascinating. Look out for bad guys and indians. Not to mention cows on the track. That's a humdinger of a cow guard! Woo-Woo, or is that Moo-Moo.

Black Train 18" x 6" x 7" - $179.00


P-38 Lightning WW11 Fighter Plane - Those old world war 11 airplanes were magnificent. Don't you think so? Before the days of jets, props were all they had. Not as fast as jets but still very powerful and dangerous. The fighters and bombers of that era are what helped win the war. Come on honey, let's jitterbug!

P-38 Lightning WW11 Fighter Plane 16" x 11" x 17" - $172.00


WW11 US Navy Brewster F2A Buffalo Yellow Plane - Another cool airplane from the war that generation won. Where would we be if our fathers and grandfathers had not saved the world by winning that war?

WW11 Navy Brewster F2A Yellow Airplane 10" x 16" x 5" - $152.00

This Item Is Currently Unavailable


American Steam Locomotive - Long ago, so it seems, trains were the dominant means of transportation, besides the horse and wagon. Before cars and planes trains were the way to travel longer distances and carry heavy freight. The passenger train has just about vanished, while freight trains still carry some goods. But we still enjoy looking at them.

American Steam Locomotive 30" x 5" x 9" - $109.00

This Item Is Currently Unavailable


Army Jeep - Classic. Some things never change.

Army Jeep 15" x 7" x 7" - $123.00

This Item Is Currently Unavailable


1977 Harley Davidson Softail Motorcycle - That's one fantastic motorcycle! Come on baby let's ride.

1977 Harley Davidson Softail Motorcycle 18" x 6" x 10" - $189.00


1965 Mustang Fastback - The 1960's was truly a great era for beautiful fast automobiles. They just don't make them like that anymore.

1965 Mustang Fastback 14" x 4" x 5" - $172.00


1928 Cream Ford Model A Roadster - By the 1950's drag racing was becoming more and more popular. Teenagers would find these old cars and turn them into hot rods. Some races were legal and some were not. Back then there was still quite a few of these old cars around. Now we don't see them on the street very often. Mostly because there are fewer of these antiques left and they have become very valuable!

1928 Ford Model A Roadster 14" x 7" x 6" - $151.00

This Item Is Currently Unavailable


Red and White Lighthouse - Standing tall by the sea as huge waves blast against the rocks. So beautiful and so useful long ago.

Red and White Lighthouse 17" x 8" x 7" - $129.00


Antique Replica Metal 1954 Lambretta




1949 MG TC Racecar Metal Decor



Hope you enjoyed our Collectible Metal Decor Replicas


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