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Abstract Metal Wall Art

Surreal Beauty and Design


square_wall_art  Do you think of beauty as being abstract? Some artists do. The designs and shapes found in abstract metal wall art may seem unrealistic. And I suppose they are, but their beauty is definitily real. Or is it surreal?

The concept of abstract art in general is quite modern. And the term contemporary may also describe this type of metal wall decor, but I think that the word abstract comes much closer to the actual description of these sculptures.

Alluring metal wall art of this sort can not always find the words for description. You just have to look at it and enjoy the unusual blends of color, form and unreal images. Usually none of the objects or forms are recognizable.

Maybe this odd simplicity is what appeals to us combined with a free and spontaneous like expression. Abstract art just prior to surrealism started to develop sometime between 1910 and 1920.

One basic theme is that there seems to be little or no subject matter, and it expresses deep felt ideas of the artist. In the 1920's and 30's abstract art became centered around Paris partly because it was banned in Russia and Germany.

Interesting note that surrealism started in France in the nineteen twenties. Before and during WWII many artists also fled to the United States. Abstract art started gaining popularity in the U S after world war II.

Although many people may feel it is sometimes nice to look at but will never equal or surpass other more tangible works of art. The truth is, abstract metal wall decor is great to look at. And nowadays it's just not as way out as it used to be.

Decorating your wall with metal art of all types is just a good idea to add excitement to your walls. Sometimes a bold metal decor is just the right thing for your home. Combine it with framed hangings to add interest and color.

As we have said before, metal wall art seems to collect and reflect light and color in a most unique way. Flat hangings don't seem to play with the shadows in your rooms quite like metal wall art. Abstract or otherwise.


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