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Art Deco Home Decor

square_wall_art Art deco home decor can be based upon the eclectic artistic style that accumlated in Paris in the 1920s or upon your own ideas of what art deco means. Unusual decorative art from the 1920's and 30's could fit that style. And not just art and decor from France.

These kind of accents truely have a very unique quality, as they appear to combine different decor ideas from many sources. And of course art deco is a mixture from many countries and cultures.



BUGATTI Racing Car Vintage Poster 1933 Grand Prix Monaco by Geo Ham Art Poster Print by Geo Ham, 26x38  



Nachtmann Art Deco 11-Inch Crystal Vase  


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Buildings, sculptures, furniture, radios, jewelry, posters, cars, trains and even cameras have been built depicting art deco designs. Pictures of the above items work nicely as art deco home decor. Unless you have a collectors piece, your art deco will be mass produced copies of the originals.

The originals will be very expensive, if you can even obtain them. Copies will cost much less and can certainly look just as good as the original. Art deco was a very ornamental style so be careful not to overdo it.

Overindulgence may be why this decorative style lost popularity by the early 1940s. Although some art deco ideas may still be found in contemporary designs. Rounded corners, pastel colors and all sorts of interesting shapes and eclectic ideas resulted from the influence of this decorative invention.

Deco architecture built in the 1920's and 1930's around the world still survives today. Many of which are listed as historic landmarks. A few of the most famous buildings are the Empire State Building, The Rockefeller Center, The Chrysler Building. Also City Hall in Buffalo, New York. Plus numerous more all across the United States and around the world.

Oddly though, the term "Art Deco" was not used until the 1960s, at which time there was a new interest in this elegant and glamorous style. Mix it evenly with all your modern or contemporary wall art, table decor and other fascinating home accents.

The elegance and glamour of art deco will make your home decor come to life. "The International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts" in 1925 at Paris France drew much attention world wide to this industrial age style.

As you can see interest in this modernistic vogue is still found today. Many materials used in art deco such as glass, plastics amd stainless steel help create a look and feel that make this eclectic decor almost seem new again.

Even though it does display a somewhat commercial machine age design that began about 100 years ago. Actually the art deco era began to develop around 1905. And in 1910 these designs were first displayed in Paris with an exhibition of decorative arts from Vienna.

Joseph Hoffman from Vienna, had even before 1910, introduced some early art deco impressions. During the art deco era, which was roughly 1910 to about 1940, terms such as "modernistic" and other similiar descriptions were used to refer to it. Remember that the phrase Art Deco was not coined until the mid to late 1960"s

The style used natural and geometric forms that were very symmetrical. The 1925 exposition in Paris actually only marked about halfway in the development of these eclectic stylings. And most of the well known art deco architecture came about in the latter half of this highly ornamental era of commercial and industrial art.

Enjoy your art deco home decor.


Art Nouveau Home Decor

The term "Art Nouveau" in French means new art. This style emerged in the late 1800's and of course predated art deco. Art Nouveau also was commercial and decorative art, but maybe a little less modern looking than art deco. But I'm sure you will have no trouble fitting either style into your home decor.

A familiar theme would be a lovely young playful woman, or nymph, with flowers in her plentiful long flowing hair. A somewhat voluptous style that sometimes led it's creators to stylistic excess.

By 1900 art nouveau was very popular and was a refreshing new design for the industrial age. But it's popularity had faded by World War I. Interesting that in the 1960s it reappeared and was a theme of the psychedelic generation.

Art Nouveau home decor may fit nicely with your art deco home decor. A way to blend two different yet similiar designs.


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 11" Art Nouveau Lady Standing/ Hand Mirror




Art Nouveau - Fairy Iris' Rest - Collectible Decoration Container  




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